Your To-Do List Is A Dream

It happens all the time: we feel the joy of a well populated to-do list and we see a golden future of accomplishment. But suddenly the day is over and we're left staring at a list that's half done. The weight of what's still to be done then diminishes the pride we feel for what was done. And by living in this type of cycle our energy is zapped, we're weighed down by a feeling that we haven't done enough. The gap between ourselves and our paths starts to widen. This article about the power of the calendar over the power of the to-do list shows how we can better anchor ourselves onto our paths.

Why Calendars Are More Effective Than To-Do Lists

What is so effective about planning our time with a calendar rather than a to-do list is simply that it forces us to see our choices right there in front of us. We suddenly see that we haven't made time for the things we keep saying are most important, OR that we have more time than we think. Our lives can then be made more intentional and less subject to the size and shape of whatever time is leftover from the day, if anything. We choose what we want to truly do and what we want to let go of.

Something written down on a to-do list is just a dream; something written down on a calendar is a commitment. Try living your life in the latter world and see what's possible. We cannot live all the versions of our lives that we dream up, only the one that we step into.