Let the Martyr Die

The martyr in you wants to die. Let them. 

You know who they are, the martyr inside of you, even if you don't use that name. They are the one constantly tracking your mileage, the one who accuses you of laziness for even the thought of rest. They are always looking for the next burden for you to carry. The martyr rules you with the words 'should' and 'supposed to,' and never allows room for 'could' or 'want to.' For them your time must always be spent in the service of someone or something else.

But the martyr offers nothing other than a bar that is constantly being raised just out of reach. With the martyr you're allowed only the scraps leftover from a burned out day, a moment here or there that's barely long enough for one full breath. You're expected to be proud to wear a crown of sweat and exhaustion. The martyr doesn't believe in freedom and wants to trap you in the stubborn hysteria of hustle. They use sacrifice as an excuse for not dreaming.

But you, you're after something brighter, a life outside of the worn down tracks of expectation. You're hungry for the sweetness of choice. You're not afraid of freedom or stillness. You aren't troubled by an evening spent watching the waves come and go. There is a deeper part of you that is yearning to come forth, a wiser part that doesn't want to be deceived by the false promises of the daily grind. You know there's a way to step out of it, and you're ready.

So do it, step out of the routine of self-sacrifice. Ink yourself into your own calendar and allow yourself to thrive. Say no to something that isn't important, and make room for the deeper yes. Reach out toward the person you have always wanted to be and embrace them. Stop listening to that tyrannical voice inside that tells you that your work will never be done.  

Let the martyr die, and come home to your true self.