Teen Coaching Overview & Fees

All teen coaching is done weekly with regularly scheduled and repeating meeting times. This helps build consistency and commitment and allows the coaching to build momentum even when things are busy.

The first four sessions are always considered a trial period, after which a check-in call between the teen client and the coach is held to determine if it's a good fit. If both the coach and the teen agree that the coaching is effective and engaging, the coaching will continue on a month-to-month basis with a target commitment of six months minimum. Working together for at least six months allows time for goals to emerge, for new habits/structures to be devised and implemented, and for addressing the unexpected challenges that emerge when changes are put into place. 


  • $195 New Client Fee, includes:

    • One 90-minute introductory session

  • $295 Monthly Fee, includes:

    • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions

    • Regular email/text check-ins

    • Monthly check-ins with both teen & parent(s)

getting started

Prior to beginning work with any teen client, both the teen and at least one parent/guardian must have initial, separate calls with me. Following those initial calls we then have one joint call that includes both the teen and at least one parent/guardian; that time is used to ensure there is a clear understanding about how the coaching process will take shape and what role each person has. It's important that there is understanding and support in all directions if the coaching is to be successful.

To get started, reach out! All questions are welcome. There is no commitment made until we have all had the chance to connect and affirm a plan to move ahead, so there is no risk in reaching out. Hiring a coach is a big step and it's essential to find someone that is a good match for your family.