Teenagers & Coaching

For many young people, answering the questions of "What is most important to me?" and "What do I want to do?" can be overwhelming and scary. They may spend years doing what they think they should do instead of what they truly want to do.

Connecting teens with their inner goals builds confidence, inspires self-reflection, and initiates a way of taking care of themselves that will stay with them throughout their entire adult lives.

Coaching supports teens

Photo by Alex Wang Photogrpahy

Photo by Alex Wang Photogrpahy

  • Making significant life choices, such as where to go to college or what career path to pursue
  • Clarifying their personal goals and passions
  • Developing time management skills that best support their goals and passions
  • Increasing self-confidence and the ability to make powerful life choices
  • Managing and improving difficult personal relationships
  • Learning to advocate for themselves 


how it works

When teenagers have a supportive environment around them, they are capable of incredible feats. Coaching helps lay the foundation of that environment and inspires teens to take ownership of their lives and what they want for themselves. 

A typical teen coaching relationship begins with a 90-minute initial session, then continues with weekly 30-minute sessions. Every session is generally conducted over the phone, though connecting either in-person coaching or via webcam are options as well depending on geography. 

Coaching sessions include a mixture of challenging questions, direct conversation, creative exercises, writing exercises, and self-analysis, all of which are done in order to deepen the coachee's self-knowledge and self-confidence. Formal assessment tools may occasionally be used as needed. Throughout the coaching process the coach and coachee collaborate to develop real, actionable steps that embolden the coachee and that lead to greater personal fulfillment and improved decision making. The coachee uses the platform of coaching as a springboard to advance deeper into their own development and to actualize their goals. The steps they take are both practical and reflective and can range from developing a time management system to writing in a daily journal. The process is unique and catered to each individual and ultimately every coachee is empowered to navigate their own journey forward.

Why Choose Inner Bridge

I have 13 years of experience working directly with teens, including work as a high school water polo coach and as the executive director of an organization that employed mostly teenagers and college students/recent grads. I transitioned my career to life coaching so that I could focus my full energy on supporting people, particularly those aged 15-25, with discovering themselves and their dreams. I am passionate about helping young people learn to lead unique and ambitious lives and to be their own best ally. I attended Stanford University with an athletic scholarship as a member of the women's water polo team, and graduated with a degree in English.

I believe wholeheartedly that teenagers are just as capable as adults, if not more so, to connect with themselves on a deeply personal level and to discover what aspirations and actions would offer them the highest level of personal satisfaction. I believe that if given the space and the support to do so, teenagers can and will craft for themselves a life that will far exceed the ordinary expectations placed on them by basic social standards. Teenagers are whole people with whole dreams that need room to grow, and coaching is a great means of offering that to them.