My Promise to Teens

It's reasonable for you to wonder, as a teenager with likely no shortage of people who want to tell you what to do, if that's what coaching is about. It's even expected. And luckily for both of us, coaching is the opposite! 

You're the driver when it comes to coaching. YOU. As your coach, I am in service of you. I am not in service of your parents, teachers, sports coaches, or anyone else. Our whole journey together is a trip into your world, what you care about, what you think about, what matters to you - all with the goal of helping you live more connected to what you love.

As your coach I promise:

  • To support your goals and dreams
  • To trust you
  • To respect your individuality
  • To be honest with you
  • To hold our coaching completely confidential unless doing so would result in a threat to your safety or the safety of others
  • To not tell you what to do

Together we'll look at your life and at what's possible; to discover what you really want to be aiming for. This is not about nice table manners, good grades, writing thank you cards, or doing your chores. This is about what inspires you, what drives you crazy, what you're curious about, what you dream about. We'll talk. Tell stories. Ask questions. We'll look for doors that you want to open, doors that you want to close. Even doors that you may want to burn down. 

You have enough homework. You have enough people with ideas of who you should be. You have enough pressure on you and enough stress. I'm just here to step into that world with you and help you move the pieces around so that it feels more like home. 

- Suze

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